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America Divided
America Divided
Temporary Public Artwork/ Lenticular Image
5'h x 50'w

America Divided is a site-specific installation that contains two digitally constructed horizons broken into segments and presented as fence-like slats that perforate the landscape. The images are experienced, like a lenticular print, both simultaneously and individually by approaching the installation from opposing directions. The two horizons are each composed from identical images of cloudscapes, which are inverted and backed by contrasting backgrounds. The resulting effect is one horizon that appears as an ominous thunderhead with building clouds, and another that seems to present a clearing sky with clouds disbursing from the edges of the composition.

Inspired by our contemporary political landscape, in which two Americas construct opposing images of the world from the same events, the piece speaks to the fragmentation of reality that we each experience through our socially and technologically mediated understanding of the world.

This piece was created for the Space(s) Between Exhibition. More information can be found here: